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Jens Pursche was born and raised in Bautzen, a small town about 30 miles east of Dresden in the state of Saxony, Germany.  He was educated in the German Apprenticeship system, studying fine carpentry and metalwork, completing his degree in 1993.

Jens's artisanship is rooted in a belief that we should build homes that will last for generations.  Following his apprenticeship, he participated in the restoration of several historical landmarks, including Leipzig's Städtisches Kaufhaus, gaining firsthand experience with enduring designs and building materials that have weathered more than 400 years.

Jens and his wife Karen moved from Germany to Chicago, Illinois in 1996. In Chicago, Jens rapidly mastered the English language and founded a successful contracting firm, Renovation and Design, which specialized in home renovation and remodeling. Jens built his business on a strong foundation of craftsmanship and rapidly developed a loyal customer base.  

In 2004, drawn by the history and style of Southwest architecture and the spectacular scenery of northern New Mexico, Jens and Karen moved to Taos. Jens was immediately certified as a general contractor specializing in residential construction. His building in progress may be viewed upon request.

Jens's philosophy of building emphasizes the value of beauty, habitability, and quality over raw square footage. He draws inspiration from his experience in historical restoration, as well as the Arts and Crafts movement of the 1920's, and the Not so Big House movement of the late 1990's. His mission is to create homes in which every space is useful, beautiful and energy efficient. He truly believes that "a house that favors quality of design over quantity of space satisfies people with big dreams and not so big budgets far more so than a house with those characteristics in reverse."